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How To Create A Successful, Authentic, Personal Brand So You Can Stand Out, Attract The Right Clients, and Make A Bigger Impact


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We've gathered together—31 podcasters, book coaches, leaders, radio personalities, speakers, and 6-, 7-, and 8-figure entrepreneurs—who will share their proven strategies, so you can fast-track your business and brand.

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  • How to Finally Break Through... the biggest roadblocks—like impostor syndrome, procrastination, and overwhelm—that keep most people stuck. Because success starts on the inside!
  • Easy Approaches to Attracting Clients, Partners, and Opportunities ... by automatically turning your podcast or book into a wealth of valuable content that your followers, fans, and clients will love!
  • See How Simple It Is... to attract more leads, clients, partners, and opportunities BEFORE you’ve even finished your podcast or book!
  • Create a Living Legacy... as you share your story, leverage your expertise, and create the freedom and lifestyle you want!

...and MUCH Much More

Inspired by THE INFLUENCERS FORMULA, the #1 bestselling book in three countries!

You can literally save years, millions, and YOUR SANITY with proven strategies from 31 of the world’s top podcasters, book coaches, entrepreneurs, leaders, and speakers!

Get FREE Access For a Limited Time Only! And as thanks for your registration, you'll also get a free PDF of Donna and Ben's bestselling book: THE INFLUENCERS FORMULAThe Simple Way To Create a Global, Thought Leadership Masterpiece with a Podcast, Book, or TV Talk Show

The Top 4 Reasons Why You Absolutely Don't Want To Miss The Magnetic Influence™ Summit

1. Get proven strategies that actually work

Here's the sad, hard (liberating) truth: most podcasts and books don't work. But don't worry! Our speakers will give you the keys to doing your podcast or book the right way.

Because making the choices that bring clients and profitable opportunities—is infinitely better—than losing a dozen years and a few million dollars/euros/pounds (at least). That means that you don’t have to wait—till your book is published or your podcast is broadcast—to be serving your best audience, customers, and clients right away.

2. Because influence is for everyone (not just "influencers")

It's easy to stand out as a unique expert, authority, or thought leader with your podcast or book. You get instant authority and credibility as your readers and listeners begin to know, like, and trust you.

That’s why they will choose you over the hundreds, if not thousands, of other choices out there.) As a result, you can easily get one high-ticket client (whether that means $5,000, $50,000, or $500,000). And from there the door is open for so much more!

3. Answers that will surprise, delight, and blow your mind

What’s the biggest mistake people make with their brand, attracting clients, and making an impact? If you have one minute left to live, what will you share with the world?

You'll be amazed by the deeply profound guidance and insights from our speakers. Did you know? Your book or your podcast can be turned into at least 25 more pieces of content! Did you know? You can get 5 percent of a 25,000-word book done in just seven minutes… without AI?

4. Experience an inspiring and supportive community (as you build meaningful, lasting relationships)

The Magnetic Influence™ Summit isn't just an event; it's a community with live gatherings twice each day. Here, you'll connect with like-minded folks who are authentic, creative, purpose-driven, and big-hearted. It's a place to share wisdom and ideas, cultivate connections and partnerships, and so much more.

This community aspect of the Summit is key. Because you get to be with people who are inspiring, understand your challenges, and support your transformation. It's not just a Summit; you're joining a network of future collaborators, supporters, and friends.

Hi, it’s Donna and Ben!

People often ask us, Donna and Ben, how do I stand out so I can make a bigger impact with my message—and have the freedom and lifestyle I want?

Our answer starts with these words from our wise friend Abe:

“Give me six hours to chop down a tree, and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe.”

– Abraham Lincoln, 16th US President

So we've created The Magnetic Influence™ Summit to help you discover the same tools, techniques, strategies, and perspectives that these 31 speakers use to make success happen. And to make a bigger impact with your message, business, and brand!

We’re on a mission to help you make the good choices that bring high-ticket clients and profitable opportunities—instead of losing dozens of years and millions of dollars.

• Imagine this: No more waiting around for that final chapter or last episode. Because you’re on the fast track to more influence, income, and impact... even before you’re finished with your podcast or book!

• Imagine this: You have a top-quality podcast or book (or both)—bringing you leads, clients, and opportunities—and instantly positioning you as a unique expert or authority.

• Imagine this: You never have to worry about competing for business. Enjoy financial-, time-, and creative freedoms so you can share your message and make a difference!

So get your free ticket and get a free copy of our new book!

Thanks for being here and reading these words. May they support your happiness, health, success, and impact!

Say a 'Quick Hello' to the 31 Podcasters, Book Coaches, Entrepreneurs, Radio Personalities, Leaders, and Speakers Who Will Share Their Wisdom With You

Magnetic Influence™ Summit Speakers




Embrace Your Fitness, LLC


How To Beat Imposter Syndrome

The Fast Path To Freedom, Self Confidence, and Success (So You Can Get Your Podcast or Book Done)



Influencers Formula™


How To Amplify Your Voice

The Best Approach For Turning Your Expertise Into a Global Radio Show and Podcast (In Just 13 Weeks) For More Income and Impact



Visionary Media Institute


The 3 C's of Creating a Powerful Presence

How to Attract and Captivate Your Ideal Clients (Especially with Video)



Business Interrogation


Interrogate Yourself To Success

A Revolutionary Approach To The Future You Want Without Compromising Who You Want To Become

Dr. Valerie René


The Heartly Center for Mindfulness and Self-Mastery®


How To Shine and Soar!©

So You Can Attract the Right People With More Ease, Peace and Grace

Dr. James


Engineer Your Success LLC


Develop Your Edge

Leveraging Your Podcast to Attract Premium Clients and Establish Expert Influence



Speak Up & Lead Academy


It’s Not What You Say, But How You Say It!

How to Design Your Talk, Keynote, or Presentation So Your Audience Says YES to You

Dr. Virginia


Massive Systemic Change LLC


The 4 Personal Branding Secrets of History Shapers

What You Can Learn From Great Thinkers, Spiritual Masters, and Public Figures

Magnetic Influence™ Summit Speakers




A Moment of Xen


Contrarian Thinking and Multiple Audiences

How To Talk About Film, Fashion, Pop Culture, Cryptocurrency, Health, Cannabis, and Fintech While Growing and Sustaining Your Audience



Jetlaunch Publishing


Your Million-Dollar Book

Become the Leader in Your Market and Triple Your Revenue



Expert Coalition Inc.


Authentic Influence

Shifting from Sales Pitches to Purpose-Driven Branding


van Lodensteijn

Vision Aligns


Know How You Are Charged

Discover The Essential Secrets on How to Build/Grow a Visionary Business



World Podcast Network


How To Get Your Podcast Listeners Excited (and Coming Back For More)

The Best Strategies For Retaining and Engaging Your Audience



Jane Tabachnick & Co


Leverage Your Book to Grow Your Business and Impact

7 Simple Steps To Make It Happen



Crossman Communications


Becoming the Hero of Your Personal Brand Journey

The Three Transformations that Bring Us Certainty, Clarity, and Courage in Sharing Our Message with the World



Sharing the Shine, LLC


Speak, Influence, Conquer

Mastering the Art of Public Speaking to Dominate Your Industry

Magnetic Influence™ Summit Speakers




Influence With A Heart® and Leadership Awake, LLC


Book Success Confirmed!

The Simple Art, Science, and Psychology of Writing/Finishing

Your Lead-Generating, Client-Attracting, World-Changing Book



The Voice for Leadership | Castle Mount Media GmbH & Co. KG


The Secret to Landing and Giving a TEDx Talk

How To Grow Your Brand While Boosting Your Visibility, Credibility, and Profitability



The EntrepreneurNOW! Network


Harnessing eLearning to Elevate Your Brand

How to Turn Digital Learning—into Your Brand’s Superpower—For Engaging and Influencing Your Audience



SJ Coaching


I Landed My Ideal Client Using the Power of Radio

(And You Can Too!)

Christian Sørensen

Podder App


Data Driven Podcasting

How to Use The Right Data to Ensure Your Podcast is Empowering Your Brand





Think Beyond the Traditional (and The Money Will Follow)

A Smarter Approach To Branding, Monetizing, and Distributing Your Podcast



Zayna Rose Inc


Profitable Leadership Presence

For Speakers and Business Owners

Onstage, Online, and In Person



Flywheel Results


Redefining Success and Influence

The Renaissance of Networking and Personal Connection (Even if You're Not in Sales)

Magnetic Influence™ Summit Speakers




Discover Your Potential


Owning Your Story

The Making of A Brand That Is Authentically You

Donna Kunde and Ben Gioia

The Influencers Formula™ and Influence With A Heart®


The Influencers Formula™ Roadmap

How To Be Seen, Be Heard, Be Easy To Follow, and Be The Solution So You Can Stand Out With Your Podcast or Book

Jason "Wally" Waldron



Creating Your Perfect Exit

How To Profitably Exit Your Business in the Next 3-5 Years



The CEO University, The CEO Ecosystem


The Incredible Power of Compound Effects

How To Amplify Your Influence, Create a Lasting Impact in Your Industry, and Grow Your Brand Sustainably



Eight Figure Empires


How To Scale Through Collaborations

The Smart Strategic Approach To Amplifying Your Reach and Reducing Your Workload



Event Affiliates


5 Keys To Running a Highly-Profitable Affiliate Program

Keeping It Smart and Simple



Strategic Advisory Board


The Path to Success

The Keys To Mentorship, Innovation, and Authenticity in Today's Digital Marketplace



7 Figures Funding


Fund Your Business, Fuel Your Dream, and Bring Your Message To Life

How To Secure The Best Funding You Can Qualify For, Guaranteed


Meet Your Hosts

Donna Kunde

If we haven’t met yet—I’m Donna Kunde, podcast host and co-author of the #1 bestselling book, THE INFLUENCERS FORMULA—and heard on the radio in 184 countries. I’m the co-founder of the IBGR network as well as the Influence Radio Network, a public speaker, and was named one of Virginia's top 50 Women Leaders. I’ve produced over 15,000 podcasts—with more than 910,000 downloads—and several in the top 100. John Maxwell honored me with the Lead and Lift Others Culture Award, and it’s an honor to have reached the ears of millions from stages all over the world.

Ben Gioia

If we haven’t met yet, I’m Ben Gioia ("joya")—four-time, international, best-selling author, podcast, and radio host—and my teachings are used by more than 80,000 leaders & game-changers around the world. By using the Influence With A Heart®, my clients write great books in as little as 5 weeks, enjoy 5-figure speaking fees, and attract 6-figure consulting. (That’s even BEFORE publishing!) I’ve trained 100s of millionaires and helped a Fortune 100 company create a mindfulness empathy video game for 20,000 employees. I started writing when I was 12 years old, helped launch the world’s largest magazine (AARP), and won a patient services award from The ALS Association for creating their first mindfulness program.

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How To Create A Successful, Authentic Personal Brand So You Can Stand Out, Attract The Right Clients, and Make A Bigger Impact

31 Brilliant Minds Share Their Wisdom and Strategies With You at The Magnetic Influence™ Summit

As thanks for your registration, you'll also get a free PDF of Donna and Ben's bestselling book: THE INFLUENCERS FORMULA, The Simple Way To Create a Global, Thought Leadership Masterpiece with a Podcast, Book, or TV Talk Show

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